Why You Need to Try Rose Brown Hair

It's hard to pull off abstract hair colors in 2019 unless you're a celeb, blogger, or just fierce like that- in which case, you go girl. Although it helps to gather inspo on pinterest and obsess over images of styled locks for months, the decision to get a dye job is intimidating for those of us who've never gone with a bold look. 

Bubble-gum pink looks FIRE on Blake Lively but is an impracticality for many of us. On the opposite end of the spectrum, reddish-black hair doesn't compliment every skin tone and is a drastic change for girls going from a brownish-blondish shade. Both of these styles are edgy and dainty in their own ways, but Rose Brown takes the cake this spring for trendiest hair color.  Incorperating a girly tint of pale rosé into an auburn, chesnut, or mohogony base is not only a subtle way of trying out a fun spring color without making a full-send into permanent summer dye-job territory (no one wants to be that girl at the fourth of July party regretting her out of season, hot-pink locks). 

After Rose Gold blew up the market with it's debut in the tech world as the must-have iPhone color for teens everywhere, it took retail stores by storm, becoming a recognizably elegant and youthful color on clutches, jewelry, and makeup pallets alike. The proven timelessness of this trend has changed the jewelry industry forever- and now you can get your fix of rose gold in your hair. 

If you're looking to shake up your aesthitic this season and jump into summer feeling fresh and trendy, give a Rose Brown ombré or highlight a try with your stylist and just see how many compliments you get!