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You can find Podcasts on pretty much anything nowadays, but none like Call Her Daddy- this show takes a whole different approach to the podcast world. After starting up in October 2018, the podcast became an instant success and now has 100,000 subscribers on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Call Her Daddy was started by two best friends, Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, to provide sex advice and comedic content. These two girls have now normalized the idea of talking about their sexual experiences, which in turn provides a lot of helpful advice for their listeners! 

Recently one of the hosts Sofia Franklyn left the show due to some conflicting drama between the two hosts. Sofia’s departure may have been upsetting for some fans, but I believe the show benefited from the new changes made after she left! 

Now the show is hosted by Alex Cooper alone, and she calls herself the ‘single father.’ In each new episode, Alex brings in a new guest to discuss whatever the hot topic is for the day. Some guests have included Miley Cyrus, Savannah Montana, and even Harry Jowsey. Each of these guests get to share their own experiences in the dating world, which shows the pod’s listeners just how similar all our dating experiences are, and that we aren’t alone!

At times we like to think we are the only ones dealing with a past full of toxic relationships, but Call Her Daddy has taught us that we’re not alone and given us advice on how to avoid toxicity at all costs. The podcast was nominated for a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Pop Podcast, probably due to the comfortable atmosphere Alex provides for her listeners. Alex Cooper does a Q&A session on each website using questions sent in on her website. So if you’re looking for advice, shoot them a question online and you might hear it on the next episode!

With over 100 episodes made and new ones out every Wednesday, there’s plenty of content for you to catch up on. So if you’ve never tuned in before, try it out- you never know, you might be the next new addition to the #DaddyGang! 

Bellie Gonzalez is a junior at Rollins College, majoring in Communication Studies with a concentration in public relations and minoring in Creative Writing. No, her real name isn’t Bellie, it’s Isabella, but she prefers to stick with her unique nickname that resonates with her one of a kind personality. In her free time, you can find Bellie doing the things she loves to do most: dancing, writing, and being a girl boss.
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