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Who Will Steal Bachelor Matt’s Heart?

Not only is Matt James the first African American Bachelor, he’s also never been a part of the show before now. In the beginning preview for the season, we saw clips of everything that would normally happen: girls arguing, girls crying, girls “falling apart”, and Matt “not knowing what exactly to do.” While all of these things have happened in the past, I still have a feeling that something could be different this time around (for example, the Peter Weber situation). 

So, let's take a look at some of the girls who have made an extra special impression during the first couple of episodes, and who I predict will move forward with Matt: 


Sarah is one of the most notable girls in the first few episodes and could have a whole article to herself. She’s a broadcast journalist from San Diego, California who comes from a close-knit family. The third episode could easily be considered the “sarah show”, as she decides whether to continue being a participant on the show or go home and be with her family. This decision-making caused tension within the house, as she decided to interrupt multiple conversations between the other girls and Matt to spend more time with him. 


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Rachel is my personal favorite. She’s definitely already started to win over Matt (apparently he’s been listening to her Spotify playlist..). She’s stood out to me since the first episode, and you can tell they’re hitting it off- she cried after Matt asked everyone to join in prayer, which could be another way the two of them will connect deeper. 


As the first participant to have a one-on-one with Matt, she could easily be picked out as one of his ladies. During their date, they rode ATVS and spent quality time in a hot tub (not to mention, it was a pretty small hot tub.) Bri has a calming nature that you can tell that Matt likes, so it's probably safe to say we’ll be seeing her for a little while.

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During this season of the bachelor, Victoria could easily be seen as the “villian”. Commonly referred to as “Queen Victoria”, she lives for drama and loves stirring the pot to make a scene. In the last couple of episodes you can see Victoria begging for time with Matt, creating arguments with the other girls, or wearing some very interesting outfits. While I don’t think she’ll end up being the one to win over Matt’s heart, I do think we’ll be seeing her for a little while. 

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Emily Renco

Rollins '24

Hello! Emily Renco is a Communications Major and double minor in Spanish and Global Health at Rollins College. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, writing, and trying new things.
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