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Makeup is something we all love to use either on a daily basis, for special events, or just for fun. It allows us to express ourselves and feel confident. So, when we choose our products we always choose carefully. Lately, the question is which established celebrity makeup lines are worth it? I’m going to highlight 3 well-known celebrity makeup lines and tell you whether they are worth it or not based on my own experience and others!

Fenty Beauty

One of the most popular makeup brands currently is Fenty Beauty. This makeup line was created by the world-renown singer, Rihanna. Rihanna has been honing in on her passion for makeup and you can tell by the quality of her products. One of my favorites is her Killwatt freestyle highlighter called “trophy wife”. It has a nice golden-yellow tone and is very pigmented. This highlighter does wonders for my face, and it’s perfect for a  sunny-inspired look.  I would use it a little on my cheeks and the inner corners of my eyes to instantly give me a  bright, refreshing look. 

Kylie Cosmetics

Next up let’s discuss a celebrity makeup brand that many of us grew up on- Kylie Cosmetics, created by Kylie Jenner. As many of you know, Kylie Jenner is a member of the Kardashian family and started her makeup brand in 2015 with her Kylie lip kits. Today, her brand is worth millions and has progressed to a full-fledged makeup brand with an array of products.

As much as Kylie has impacted my generation with her makeup looks and brand, the question still remains- is her brand really worth it? I’ve tried numerous products by Kylie from her lip kits to her eyeshadow palettes, and I say no. I will say that her products definitely increased in quality since her very first lip kit, but there is still room for improvement. When I got her lip kit back in the day, I remember that the quality was very dry and made my lips look chapped.  Today, her lip kits are not as bad but could be better. The good thing is,  today Kylie is planning on rebranding her makeup line and will be using cleaner ingredients and new formulas in her products.

Rare Beauty

Lastly, we will discuss a fairly new makeup brand that launched in 2020-Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez. Selena Gomez is a former Disney star and now a singer and actress. I can tell Gomez took the time to make this makeup brand the best it could be. Even one of my favorite makeup gurus on youtube, Jackie Aina, who gives brutally honest reviews loved the products.

One of the products she especially loved was the Soft Pinch liquid blush. She describes the blush as having great color pay-off so she can sheer it out. The liquid blushes have been the most raved about by other celebrities and influencers because of their great pigmentation and blend. Overall, I believe celebrity makeup brands are a hit or miss. Some celebrities are either very passionate about their brand and take time to perfect it,  and some are very detached from the creative process and are just looking for a cash grab. So, my best advice to you all is to try them all and see which one works the best for you! 

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Madison Bailey is freshman at Rollins College from Windermere, Florida. She is a communications major. She loves fashion, writing and traveling. In her free time she loves to watch Netflix, fashion shows, or read a good book.
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