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It’s hard to pay attention. His scruffy beard is perfectly trimmed, framing around his big bright smile. That button down perfectly complements his eyes, tucked into his dress pants- and now you can’t stop staring at his butt when he writes on the board. He runs his hands through his soft hair as he tries to think about what’s going to be on your next exam. It’s too late to pay attention— you’re in a full-on dream state.

Put In That Work

Intelligence is HOT so the fact your professor is literally lecturing about a topic you’re interested in does NOT help… especially when he looks damn good teaching it. Having a crush on your professor is the best and worst thing to happen. It’s fun to fantasize about someone so out of reach, but you’re also compromising your academic performance and Rollins is way too expensive for that ‘ish. So, if you can’t stop thinking about your professor while you’re in class and also have no idea what’s going on, don’t worry- you’re not alone. It may be a tough balance, but there is a way of going about your teacher crush that is completely full proof:

Participation Grade= A Plus

If he’s teaching a class that is a part of your major and you actually enjoy, take some extra time to become an expert. You need to start flexing in class discussions- actually do the assigned readings. Go above and beyond on assignments. I guarantee your professor will get all giddy, and who doesn’t like showing off in front of their crush? Now you have an A in the class, you’re not wasting your crazy amount of student loans, and your hot professor “loves” you… I mean, your work, of course.

When You Feel The Pressure

Only issue is the delivery. My experience with hot professors is not exactly the best. I’d try to show off in class discussions and in direct conversations, but when I’d make eye contact a little too long I’d get all red and tongue tied. I’d become an actual nervous, stereotypical schoolgirl. It was embarrassing. I’m not usually like that with guys my own age so the feeling really throws me off. Thankfully, I overcame my shortcomings in this department. It’s all about strategy, ladies.

Eye Contact, Eye Contact, Eye Contact. 

I started making less direct eye contact in class discussions and looked more at my peers so it’d appear like I was hella engaged in the topic. Depending on how eloquent the B.S. I was spewing to my fellow students was, I’d sometimes get a direct complement or question from my professor. This is where it gets tricky. For direct questions, I’d look at him very briefly, look down, trying to look cute as I thought about my answer, and then once again try my hardest to flex. Whenever my professor would say anything complimentary to me, I’d lowkey rest my head on my propped up hand, or briefly massage my neck, subtly look down with a big smile on my face, and say thanks in a low voice. That way, I hid my blushing, looked humble, and also showed off my smile.

It’s really all about owning it.

You can’t bang or date your professor. I know, it sucks, but you don’t wanna be that person and TBH if they seem interested, they’re probably the worst. They are most likely abusing their power and that’s never okay. That being said, you can still have fun with the crush you have on them in an innocent, productive way—just make sure it doesn’t break any concrete Rollins rules.  


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