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Rollins Will Make You Need to Budget- Here’s How to Survive

After your first three weeks strolling through palm tree shaded pathways to class and grabbing lunch at Park Ave Smoothie, you’ll likely realize you’re already well on your way to receiving that delightful overdraw notification from your bank. 

As you watch your graduation money, sweet 16 checks, and every cash birthday present you’ve ever received mysteriously slip from your checking account, it might be worth trying to solve that mystery once and for all. Wine room Wednesdays, Pepe’s $3.99 margaritas, and the unreasonable but necessary $6 white claw at the club are all guilty culprits in the robbery of your change purse. So, what are you going to do about it? 

The word budgeting sends shivers down millennials spines, casting a dark and intimidating shadow over the once blissful comfort of parental financil advisory. Wihtout the wisdom of someone older telling you to shut up and eat what’s already in the fridge, the culinary world of Winter Park becomes a whirlwind of joyous, expensive experiences. But budgeting can be fun. The more you feel rewarded by it and can physically see your cash flow grow, the more you’ll want to spend. 

Go Old School

Sometimes in order to think clearly about how to save money, we need to completely rethink our definition of luxury and necessity. If you have a meal plan, that’s already a major bonus for your personal funds. But when that gets boring and social temptations draw you to 4 Rivers or that backless top on Park, you convince yourself you need these things. Food and clothes are essential to college survival after all, and ‘treat-yo-self’ days are the foundation of self care. But that’s what makes them special- a new club dress or makeup pallet should come once a month at most. Pick a time that you can mark on your calendar in bold and look forward to, and set a reminder on your phone when you’ve saved enough for those new Porch heels. You’ll not only be more excited and proud of yourself for holding out, but the reward will taste so much sweeter. 

You’re always on your phone, so use it.

Just like calorie counting apps, budgeting apps aren’t for everyone. If it’s just going to hide tucked away in that hub of apps you never actually open but like to know are there for you, skip it and opt for a paper agenda. Either way, your phone can be the perfect constant reminder of your progress, and what you need to change. Use something as simple as the notes section to jot down the total on all your receipts and add them up every three days or so to see what your habits are. Then, (hopefully) you’ll be able to plan exact amounts to aim on saving based on those patterns.

 It might sound like common sense, but Just say no.  

Freshman year in particular is a chance to thrive in a new, open setting of self exploration. Don’t let stress about your Friday latte ruin your weekend. But, DO let yourself say no to hitting porch four days a week, and being the one to let everyone venmo you at dinner. Nobody wants to miss out on the fun, but a self-care night in with a hot shower and some Netflix every once in a while will save you more money in the end than you ever thought. 


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