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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rollins chapter.

Pinterest was the first “social media” app my parents let me use and it fueled my aesthetics addiction. From Harry Styles to photography and outfit inspiration, I have a board for everything.  Personally, I’m a minimalistic person, so seeing clutter (even online) is a huge pet peeve. It becomes a waste of time to save pins that aren’t ever used in the future, so here are my tips on how to pinterest with purpose! 

Create Boards for a Reason

Back in the old days, circa 2009, I must’ve had about fifty different boards for no reason. I saved photos of cute kittens, weird watch faces, and I had a whole board dedicated to polka dotted outfits. Now, if these boards are your vibe, then hey, you do you. But for me they served no purpose and cluttered my pinterest feed. Over time I learned to only create boards for specific reasons, such as future events. Now, most of my boards are fashion, holiday decorations, and recipes that I want to try.

Follow Through

It’s easy to see a pin and immediately think to yourself, “I HAVE to try this!” but it’s time to be practical. Are you really going to have time to bake a thirteen layer red velvet cake in your communal kitchen amidst your five college classes? Probably not. Only save pins that you truly believe you will act on later, then act on it.

The Purpose Doesn’t have to be Physical

Remember how I said to create boards for a reason? That includes specific things you want to try, but you can also curate your aesthetic on pinterest for future use. This doesn’t mean you print out every image that you fall in love with, but it can help you explore and learn a piece of your identity through your likes and dislikes. 

Kismet Kohn is an 18 year old psychology major at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. She is passionate about photography, writing, and travel. Kismet was on her high school's yearbook staff as a photographer and worked as the editor of the Literary Magazine.
Meredith Klenkel is a Senior English major and the founder of Her Campus at Rollins. She aspires to write comedy for late night T.V one day and publish her own memoirs.