How to Join Us- Rollins FIRST Femme Blog

 Be powerful. Do something in college that you can show for yourself. Become a published author and get to write about what you care about- sounds like a sweet deal to me, you in?

Short, long, or in-between, Her Campus articles are all about calling the world out on its nonsense- and as women, we deal with a lot of it. Your opinion on politics is exactly what someone needs to hear right now. Which condoms work best? Bring it on. You’ve stalked us, you get the idea. No boundaries.

1. DM or email us your form- we want to know what you're about!

2.  Make an account. Are you a writer, just someone with some awesome ideas or a grammar nerd? There’s a spot for everyone at Her Campus editing, brainstorming, and marketing.

3. Send us your articles

Just do it girl! Young professionals in publication can benefit greatly from gaining publicity at college age. Now is the time to act, and now is the time for your ideas to be heard. **Also, remember- all articles submitted can be anonymous!