How the Charcuterie Board Changed My Life

Baked brie, sharp cheddar, nutty manchego, assorted Italian cured meats, grapes, fig jam, fresh rosemary sprigs, toasted baguette, and crispy wheat crackers… these gourmet ingredients may not sound like they could change a girl’s life, but I am here to tell you why that is exactly what a finely crafted cheese and meat board can do for you. Let me help you envision your own mouth-watering creation- beautifully arranged on wooden and marble boards and paired with a crisp glass of white wine, the charcuterie board is the perfect way to treat ‘yo self and bring friends together like never before.

My girlfriends and I are big fans of the “Girls Night In”. After a long week of writing papers, stressing over exams, dealing with college drama, and getting less sleep than we need, there’s nothing better than sitting around in pajamas with the girl gang talking, laughing, and sharing snacks. My Girls’ Night tradition started about a year and a half ago with a bottle of wine and a few girls who were barely friends. Over time, our little Girls’ Night grew to include more friends, more snacks, and fun activities like crafts and games.

The charcuterie board first started making an appearance in my apartment when my friends and I discovered how sinfully cheap cheese is at Trader Joe’s, and has since become the centerpiece of every Girls’ Night In. By association, they have also become the centerpiece of our friendships. Over time, making charcuterie boards became our form of artistic expression. It became a challenge to see how big, beautiful, and downright Pinterest-worthy we could make our Girls’ Night snack spread. As the charcuterie boards grew to become more elaborate and complex, so did our bonds as friends.

So truthfully, it wasn’t really the charcuterie boards that changed my life, it was the people I get to share them with that did. It’s not about the cheese, the meats, the fancy add-ons or the wine; it’s all about the moments spent sitting around the living room with the best group of girlfriends I could ever have by my side. The group of girls who started as merely acquaintances sharing an affinity for wine over a year ago have become the best of friends. So, the charcuterie board isn’t just a fancy snack to me- it stands for so much more. It stands for strong female friendships.

This is an ode to the charcuterie board, the delicious snack that, when shared, can truly bring a group of gal pals together. Thank you, charcuterie board, for cultivating an environment where my girlfriends and I can do life together. From first dates to breakups, failed tests to aced papers, the highest of the highs to the lowest of the lows and every moment in-between, I am so grateful  for the group of girlfriends who know the answer to every situation is a glass of wine and a charcuterie board so extra it hurts. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself. Grab some girlfriends, make a charcuterie board together, and spend the night sharing stories, laughing until you cry, or crying until you laugh. You’ll be amazed how much love will fill the room when there’s cheese in the center of it.