#FreeBritney: What Do We Really Know?

Hulu just aired a new documentary about everyone's favorite 2000s pop princess, Britney Spears. It's evident that she is in trouble and needs our help, which has brought on a whole new movement: #FreeBritney. 

Framing Britney

We all saw the infamous Britney Spears meltdown of 2008 displayed across all media platforms, showing the world how Britney unraveled. But that's all we saw… we had no idea what she was going through or why she did the things she did, hence the title of the new documentary: "Framing Britney." 

Poor Britney was being picked apart by every person in America as she rose to fame- she was framed to be someone that she clearly was not. Thankfully Hulu created this documentary to finally give us a glimpse into her side of the story after all these years. 

The Conservatorship 

Since 2008, Britney Spears has been tangled in a conservatorship. These legal bindings are usually appointed for elderly people who physically cannot take care of themselves. So why is Britney Spears, a 39-year-old, a mother and world-tour artist, not "able" to take care of herself?

The conservatorship was court-ordered after the breakdown we saw in the media in 2008, and her father, Jamie, took the position as conservator. However, he stepped down in 2019 and now remains co-conservator next to Bessemer Trust Company, who Britney chose herself. One specific request she made when the conservatorship was first appointed was not to allow her father to be the conservator—sketched out, yet? 

The Devious Dad

The whole conservatorship is very suspicious for plenty of good reasons. In the Hulu documentary, they explain how her father was rarely in the picture of the first half of Britney's life and career, until all of a sudden he wanted to "help" Britney out. The documentary included various interviews with people who spent a lot of time in Britney's inner circle during the beginning of her career. Kim Kaiman, a senior marketing director of Jive Records, openly claimed that she was not a fan of Britney's father. 

Kim recalls the one thing Jamie Spears ever said to her, which was, "My daughter's gonna be so rich, she's gonna buy me a boat." 

Her father now has full ownership of Britney's finances, control over who she can or cannot see, and the ability to sign performance contracts for Britney. If that isn't signing your life away, I don't know what is. 

Where is Britney?

We have yet to hear directly from Britney on all of this- however, she has sent brief hints through various social platforms. In a court order to repeal the conservatorship from her father, she mentioned how she is thankful for her fans' support during the #FreeBritney movement. This was a relief for some of her fans, because at this point they were still unsure if the accusations about the captive conservatorship were true. However, her recognition for the movement could be a hint that it is. 

Also, Britney's Tik Tok account has led her fans to question her safety. The tone and body posture Spears puts on in her videos implies a scared and helpless state, almost like she's sending a cry for help. For instance, one of her fans commented on one of her recent posts asking her to wear a yellow shirt if she needs help. Sure enough, her very next video was her in a yellow shirt posing for her Tik Tok fans. 

Let's save Britney from this TOXIC situation. Spread the word babes, #FREEBRITNEY!