The Four Things You'll Be Wearing to Class This Fall

Lounge sets 

Whether you’re bad and bouji and rock your fit bod in a Gymshark set or pair your Adidas joggers with a hoodie, the hype of athleisure as a major trend is shifting seamlessly into 2019. Color coordination is back in haute couture as more designers launch their own collections of comfy-chic sets. Worn with a chunky pair of sneakers? You’re all set for a day of grinding in club Olin. 

Hair ribbons 

If you own an Instagram account, you probably noticed the surge of satin, patterned hair accessories bowing up your feed. Especially for girls with thinner or shorter hair, a voluptuous Ariana pony isn’t realistic. The flirty, easy class and poise of satin hair bows can add style to even the most bland or crinkle-cut hair days. (oh, you know exactly what we mean by crinkle cut days and you know they’re not fun). 

All things 80’s 

Just like athleisure, the vintage, sporty spunk of windbreakers is a fashion wave that isn’t going anywhere. Whether you’re using one ironically as a cover-up at a Darty or taking your look old school at Porch, these almost obnoxiously color-blocked artifacts of the past might just be our favorite 80’s style revival yet. To really get the vibe, grab a true second-hand ski windbreaker from Avalon down the street from school.

Kardashian shades 

One pet peeve all Rollins kids share is the dread of forgetting your sunglasses and squinting as you try to navigate through Campus. Ok, that’s dramatic. But the sun in Florida can seriously damage your eyes- not to mention stop you from realizing you didn’t recognize your crush walking by and didn’t say hi. You were too busy squinting because you slept on the Kim K aviator trend.