Don't Sleep on These 2019 Trends

The more things change, the more they stay the same. At least that's the case in fashion. Trends are on an ever-fluctuating pendulum of fads and glorified practices, making fast fashion move even faster. To make sure you always look pulled together and poised, pull a page out of our fall look book and stay ahead of the trends.

Collared Everything

The 1970's unisex polo has made an epic recovery in teen and young adult merchandisers across the country. Available in practically every fabric under the sun, this European-classique piece helps you navigate work week style and emit a kick-ass Jackie Burkhart vibe at the same time. 

Over-The-Top Shoulder Puff

For one reason or another, the national mockery that was shoulder padding after the 80's has made a comeback, and we're here for it. This cut is flattering and unique, exposing the right amount of clavicle while also emphasizing the bust and cinching in at the mid-area. All in all, ten out of ten staple to pair with some Dad jeans if you're looking for a girly yet practical outfit night or day.

Business Not-So-Casual

We love to see it. Feminine work clothes are being integrated into an embraced modern standard of functionality. Aside from its ties to vintage origins that came long before grunge, cropped cardigans and plaid pants are sexy twists on classics. How many times in 2009 did your Mom hand you a sweater just like this to grab before going to a restaurant? No, just me? Well, either way, a cropped version is spicy enough to hit up the bar on a chilly evening or, of course do that thing, you know, study.