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Dear Freshmen: 5 Pieces of Essential Advice

Starting college can be difficult, from worrying about fitting in to knowing how to get around campus. Here are some tips on what to ditch when starting as a freshman at your new college!

Ditch the Lanyard

I promise you no one other than your fellow freshmen are wearing lanyards around their necks. Most upperclassmen carry wallets, backpacks, or purses around campus. Better yet, some  have a phone case with an attachable wallet. Backpacks are a good go-to when you’re going to class and purses are necessary to hold your essentials when going out. Lanyards, however, are not.

Don’t Rep Your High School Shirts

Now that you’re in college you’ll get a ton of new, free college merch that will replace your high school clothes. It’s easy to tell who’s a freshman and who’s been at college for a while by the number of high school shirts in their closet.

Avoid Spending Cash

Once you turn 18 a lot of  people  have credit cards to buy daily necessities.  It’s important to register for a credit card and use it so you can start building credit right away. Plus, who wants to spend a few minutes pulling out and counting cash every time you go shopping?

Ditch the Pride and Social Anxiety

Starting at a new school can be anxiety-inducing (believe me, I know) but everyone’s going through the same thing. Going up to someone and starting a conversation could lead to you finding your future best friend. Also, don’t be afraid to go up to your professors with questions. They’re there to help you, not  judge you!

Don’t Procrastinate!

This last tip is possibly the most important, but even I sometimes don’t follow it. Procrastination is your worst enemy in college. A lot of professors will assign over a hundred pages of reading  for one day that you’re supposed to read over the course of the week. However, in the syllabus, the professor won’t tell you how to split the pages up. Take initiative and split the assignment up over a few days so you’re not stuck reading it all in one night.

Kismet Kohn is an 18 year old psychology major at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. She is passionate about photography, writing, and travel. Kismet was on her high school's yearbook staff as a photographer and worked as the editor of the Literary Magazine.
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