Can Tayshia Save the Bachelorette?

Hey Bachelor Nation!! We’ve gone through a whole lot these past couple seasons… so if you’ve missed out, here’s the quick recap:

We haven’t seen our contestants happily married for 3 seasons now, and it’s upsetting… 

Hannah B chose Jed, who actually had a girlfriend back home the whole time. On top of that, Hannah found out he was just on the show for his music career (Really Hannah? It was so obvious). But recently we did see Hannah B and Tyler getting close after quarantining together… they claimed that their relationship was completely platonic, but I know my Tyler and Hannah fans were happy as ever. 

Then we have Peter, who made a complete fool of himself during his crazy love triangle with Madison and Hannah Ann, claiming how he never expected to be in love with two women at the same time. Truly a cringe-worthy season, I had high hopes for Peter after Hannah’s season but it was a definite let down. After the show Peter somehow managed to end up with his fifth choice, Kelley (c’mon, Kelley). 

Now onto our current season with Claire- the oldest bachelorette. I had hopes that because she was the oldest, she would be the most mature and we would finally have a smooth-sailing show. Claire shocked Bachelor Nation when she left the the show for Dale after only after 12 days of filming, claiming to have found the one. (12 days? Ok Claire, have fun with that). 

So after all the shenanigans, we’ve been blessed with an angel named Tayshia, and we are praying she has a successful season. But honestly Bachelor Nation should be ready for anything because we have pretty much SEEN. IT. ALL. Tayshia is a gorgeous girl with a genuine personality- will she save the Bachelor or continue the pattern of messy- ever-afters?