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Summertime for us college students is coming up quickly, and a lot of us are faced with one huge question- what do we do now? I am doing the Disney College Program and some of my friends have sports and vacations so I have a mix of options I want to recommend if you are looking at the summer and see a blank state. 

Start a workout routine 

Now don’t take this into “beach body” readiness and things like that- all bodies are beach bodies (just saying). But start a routine in the time you have. I know I didn’t have any time this semester to balance being in class, having a social life and also working out. So in the time you have, create a routine or just start to workout and see if it’s your jam. It doesn’t hurt to try something out- it might hurt the next day but that’s a separate issue. 

Catch up on reading

Not everyone is a book person but if you are, this could be the thing for you. Start a summer reading list or go through your TBR (To Be Read) – because we all know if you have one it is extensive. If you want to start reading, choose something of interest to you and don’t be ashamed if you start small. If you want to get back into reading, try reading things you have already read. I know when I want to come back from a reading slump I reread a Harry Potter book. It’s a bit silly but it helps me out.  

Try a new hobby! 

In a lot of the U.S and abroad it’s more sunny than it was in spring and fall, so try something new. Depending on where you are and the weather, get out and do something new. Start writing (songs, stories, or poems), take a walk down your block, see if you like walking or maybe hiking. There are a bunch of things to start doing just by trying and maybe you find something that you want to continue past the summer. 

Fulfill your bucket list

Making a little summer bucket list is great for things you can do in your town or just in your house. Go ahead and see what you can do from your list, and it might honestly surprise you how much you could get done just in the summer. 

Prepare for school

This is the last on the list because honestly, how many people actually want to do this? If you’ve been having a good summer, what makes you want to stop that? I give you this idea because getting things you really want for your dorm or the pens you’ve wanted for taking notes is important. Even if it’s not something materialistic, get into that school mindset. Take a breath and stay in the moment, but make sure you get yourself ready. Don’t get to school and look like a deer in headlights. Give yourself a moment and get ready to keep going strong for the next year. 

Hey There! I'm Juliana a freshman at Rollins College. I'm just starting to get into professional writing (in college) and can't wait to write for HerCampus!
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