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8 Empowering Lessons from Classic Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses were part of how many of us grew up. Whether it be the classic Cinderella story and her kindness or the newer princesses like Tiana following her dream. Many of us probably saw these princesses and thought “I wanna be like her.” We’re going to see how their traits can be an inspiration for us in everyday life. 


Snow White (Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs) 

Snow White is one of the first Disney princesses created and one the kindest. Snow White was the youngest and had kindness for every living thing. Even after figuring out that the evil queen tried to kill her, she still didn’t have any ill intention towards her and lived with the 7 dwarfs, giving them a meal and caring for them.

Cinderella (Cinderella) 

Cinderella is one of the best princesses to want to emulate. She always had courage and was kind even to her stepmother and step-sisters, as horrible as they were. She forgives but doesn’t forget in a way, and she takes the high road to become someone better. 

Aurora/Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) 

For a character who sleeps most of the movie and doesn’t talk a whole lot, Aurora shows immense kindness towards the woodland creatures and her fairy godmothers as if they are her only family. She always helps them out and was taught to be kind to everyone and be an honorable person. 


Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Ariel was my idol for the longest time because I envied being able to explore the whole ocean. She is so brave throughout the movie (despite the fact that it’s pretty problematic to give up your voice for a guy). The fact that she did give up her voice is one of her bravest qualities, especially because she was only 16 and had extreme determination to go after what she wanted. 

Belle (Beauty and The Beast) 

Belle is one of the first females I saw that really took charge of her own story, which is a courageous act in itself. She saves her father and stays in the castle, sticks up for herself in front of the beast. She takes control of her own story which she had been itching to do since she started reading, which is pretty cool. 

Jasmine (Aladdin) 

Princess Jasmine immediately comes to mind when I think of Bravery. One of her most famous quotes from Aladdin is “I am not a prize to be won”. She is her own person, and seeing this as a little girl was something that inspired bravery in me and my little sister. 


Pocahontas (Pocahontas) 

Pocahontas, even though her movie is highly problematic, is one of the few characters we see with some advocacy. She shows determination and in the end her love for herself and her people. 

Mulan (Mulan) 

Mulan is under this category for a reason- she took her father’s place and still managed to take the Hun army down after everyone found out she was a girl. 

Tiana (Princess and The Frog) 

Tiana proves the fact that getting what you want in this world is hard work- really hard work. I am honestly still trying to wrap my head around how hard it is, but she is resilient in this movie. Even when turned into a frog, we see her determination rise through and she gets her restaurant. 

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