2000's Fashion is Back- and We're SO Here For It


I don't know about you, but when you walk into any Forever 21 or any other modern fast-fashion brand today, you feel like you're walking through your second grade closet. Bright neons like the ones you used to buy at Justice pop out from the racks, begging to be bought as a popping accessory. Practicality is out the window with these sometimes bizzare but always fun looks, but it's a total vibe nonetheless. 

Transparent, Silicone Accessories 

The once childish textile of rubbery, technicolored shoes and jelly-textured add-ons are the perfect way to add a modern-wave, trendy flash to any back to school look. Transparent tops are a hot way to stand out on a night out, and eye-grabbing pops on neon make this trend even more flirty and fun.



All That Cheetah, doe!

Fabrics covered in these exotic spots were once considered tacky and off-base from 2013 onward, even making their debut in a trash-talking verse of the Chainsmoker's hit "Selfie". But it's 2019 now, and everything old has been made anew- get excited! You can dig up  your old body-con Jersey Shore-style fashions (if you haven't thrown them all away and remain faithful to the power of vintage). You can re-brand them, pair them with cozy sweaters and denim jackets, and boom- you're the trendiest cheetah girl on the block. 


Sparkles, Glitter, and More Sparkles (Ew or Yass?)

The grand return of glitz and glam to our weekend wardrobes may have originated from 70's disco re-vamps, but a new generation of fashion has added triple the sparkles, cut things just a tad shorter, and totally 2000s-ified the look. Now, resembling Hannah Montana or Lizzie McGuire isn't such a bad thing. Unique, gliterry statement pieces may shift in and out of style through the years, but glossy, girly glamour will never go out of style. 

Simplicity (queue the Dad sneakers) 

Pac Sun, Brandy Melville and other common 'VSCO-girl' terrirories are obsessing over bland, stark, staple pieces. Straight pleats and baseline color pallets are featured in many of the 90's/2000's inspired lines released in stores this year. Dad sneakers, small embellishments, and dainty leisure are all brought back in the revival of the look that would have been considered nothing short of goofy ten years ago.