10 Harry Styles Lyrics to Live By

Aside from his *impeccable* fashion sense, former boyband superstar Harry Styles is known for creating some of the most relatable, deep, and iconic lyrics of our time. I hate to be “that” crazy fan, but I see myself living my life based on these lyrics, and you should too. I hope you take away some life lessons from these powerful lyrics, or at least leave with an inescapable urge to listen to some Harry Styles songs!   

“Just stop your crying” (Sign of the Times)

2020 has been an insane year, so I think we could all use this lyric as a daily reminder. Don’t let all of your emotions overwhelm you- things will get better soon if they aren’t good now. Even Harry, the king of spreading positivity, has his off days. Don’t take a bad situation and turn it into a bad day or even week- instead, try to accept it and move on the best you can.

“Forget what I said. It's not what I meant” (Falling)

We’ve all said things we immediately wish we could take back- maybe many, many things. I have an issue where I tend to speak without a chance to fully process what I mean, so I understand when someone says something to me that I don’t completely agree with. If it isn’t too big of a deal, sometimes it’s best to forgive and forget- we all make mistakes.

“Maybe, we can find a place to feel good and we can treat people with kindness” (Treat People With Kindness)

This is Harry’s iconic tagline, so how could I not include it? It’s his tagline for a reason- “treat people with kindness,” also known as ‘TPWK’, encourages his fans to be better people and constantly strive to live a kind life. There’s a difference between kind and nice, which is why Harry chose kind. You don’t want to simply be agreeable, you want to go further and be benevolent in the way you act.

“We’ll be alright” (Fine Line)

Again, 2020 has been a disaster after disaster. It’s like every month we’re faced with a new danger threatening to wipe out our existence, making it difficult to imagine an end to this horrible year. We have to take Harry’s advice and realize we will be alright. Even if it seems like there’s no hope, everything will work out in the end.

“Better swim before you drown” (Carolina)

In our capitalist society, it’s survival of the fittest. We need to constantly be ‘at our best’ or we risk failure. This is especially true in college because let me tell you, I am *always* drowning in school work. Manage your time so you don’t end up like me with 100 pages of reading to do in one night- swim before you drown!

“We gotta get away from here” (Sign of the Times)

All around the world, Florida is viewed as the ideal vacation spot- especially Central Florida. But for those of us who live here, it isn’t exactly paradise. The daily afternoon thunderstorm, suffocating humidity, and Florida men really take away from the entertainment, theme parks, and beaches. I’m taking Harry’s words to heart and trying to get away from here ASAP and explore!

“She’s got a book for every situation” (Carolina)

Every time you see me I’m bound to have a book in hand. I believe knowledge is power and those who read will be more successful in life, taking different lessons they’ve acquired from fictional and nonfictional stories. There hasn’t been a time I regretted reading a book- well, except for Beowulf. That book was rough.

“We’re not who we used to be” (Two Ghosts)

Everybody evolves and changes based on the experiences they live through, and that’s okay. Change is good and completely normal, and sometimes people will outgrow each other. College is a huge chance for us to grow and explore what it means to be ourselves individually.

“Hope you never hear this and know that it’s for you” (Anna)

As someone who is very active on Twitter and sometimes subtweets people (*cough cough, President Trump*), I run into this issue a lot. Even though my following only consists of a few high school friends, my Mom, my Dad, my Uncle, and my 11th grade AP US History teacher (hey Mr. Brown!), it’s important to remember that people can always find your social media and use it against you. Trump, don’t come after me because of my tweets, but I hope you get the message! 

“Woman!” (Woman)