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Listen Up: perfect podcasts for college students

Maybe it’s the history major in me, but I absolutely cannot go a day without tuning into a podcast. The more obscure and fact-based, the better. It’s like reading a textbook without ever having to reach for my glasses.  Truth be told, I used to be a podcast hater, I felt like they wouldn’t be able to keep up with my hyper brain. Now, I can’t wait for the moment I connect the bluetooth in my car and drive home from work. Here’s my top shows for whatever my ears are in the mood for. 

You’re Wrong About:   Shoutout to my best friend for introducing me to my favorite pastime: You’re Wrong About binges. The hosts, Sarah and Micheal, focus on pop-culture scandals and maligned women in order to hilariously flip-the-script on whatever likely racist or sexist narrative occupied the news at the time. Honestly, it’s my go-to, but they’ve slowed down on production and I'm salty. I don’t blame them because the hosts now have other side-hustle shows they work on, but I’d certainly enjoy being proved wrong more frequently. I cite this show as the reason I can converse with millennials, as I’ve now done my ‘90s due diligence…

  • Best Episodes: Yoko Ono Broke Up the Beatles, Murder, Courtney Love

Working Title: Wishing to either explore or return to the tumultuous glory days of figuring out a career path? Margot Lee’s Podcast, Working Title, perfectly encapsulates my feelings of being a twenty-something in the twenty-somethings. Whether it’s discussing if working in corporate America makes you a sell-out or apartment hunting, Working Title wraps up all of the graduation rites-of-passage into a neat listening experience. Plus, I’ve been a long time fan of Margot’s lifestyle youtube channel. 

  • Best Episodes: The Hunt, Complaining to my Boss

Noble Blood: Noble Blood is Dana Schwartz’s fanciful podcast which explores the always extravagant and sometimes tragic lives of history’s favorite royals. Told like a fairy-tale while still remaining fact-based and historical, Noble Blood is the quick burst of info I crave for my lunch breaks. Usually under a half hour, it's the equivalent of reading a chapter of my history book, just way better. Sidenote: amazing for road trips.      

  • Best Episodes: The collection of Henry VIII’s wives and their lives (Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced II, Beheaded II, Survived.)

Throughline: Need to fall asleep fast? Throughline. Not that it’s boring, the hosts just have strangely melodic voices. This is my top pick for keeping up with real-world issues, especially if you’re not one for traditional newspapers. It doesn’t feel super newsy, which helps me process the episodes better. While the most cut and dry of my options, Throughline is the quickest and easiest way to make sure you’re informed about what matters, without drudging through what doesn’t. 

  • Best Episodes: Policing in America, The Evangelical Vote, Reframing History: Bananas  
Lucy Hoffman

Rockhurst U '23

Lucy Hoffman is a Sophomore at Rockhurst University majoring in business administration with a minor in art. She is from Kansas City and loves spending time with her pug, Jordy. On campus she is the assistant editor of the school publication and holds leadership roles in her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha. After graduation, Lucy plans on channeling her inner Peggy Olson by becoming a copywriter.
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