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Dollars from Depop: tips to become a top seller

Depop has become a trendy app for people world-wide to explore new fashion statements and buy/sell their clothes. I have been selling on Depop for roughly two years and have accumulated a few tips and tricks in my experience.

#1 Post FOUR Good-Quality Photos According to Depop’s algorithm, the chances of your photos appearing in peoples’ feed increases if there are more photos. I usually take a picture of me modeling the item, two front and back pictures of the item laid on the floor (a decent-looking background, of course), and a picture of the tag to display the brand and size. Take some photos in a plain background or a pretty scenery outside.

#2 Negotiate Your Prices! Everyone loves saving money so other buyers are going to try and negotiate your prices as well. Be open-minded to trades and reduced prices! Most of the time, the negotiated price will be reasonable and you get a discounted price simply by asking.

#3 Refresh Your Items By “refreshing your items,” it will appear at the top of the hashtag. For example, update your hashtags every other day to keep your item at the top of their search! Some hashtags I always use for my items are: #vintage, #thrifted, #the material (silk, suede, velvet, etc…), and #the color.

#4 Be Honest About Any Wear and Tear One of the ways to get amazing reviews is to be open about the condition of the item you are selling. If there is a hole or any stains, please put it in the description or include a picture! As a customer shopping online, you would want to get what you are paying for and not get scammed.

#5 Communicate With Your (Potential) Customers A good rule of thumb is to get back to your customers within 1-2 business days. Sometimes people on Depop can become impatient so you will want to keep them on your good-side as a business. Send a quick message when you have shipped the item and tell them their estimated delivery date! A majority of your reviews will depend on how effectively you communicated with your customers (plus how fast you ship).

Depop is a huge platform for discovering new fashion. The hardest part about it is initially opening your shop. I had so many questions ranging from when should I post? How much should I post? Am I even going to sell anything? I have been in the same beginning position and have learned that opening a business takes time! So do not stress about growth because your Depop will flourish.

Thu Phung

Rockhurst U '24

Thu Phung is a first-year student at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, MO.
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