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From Brown Thumb to Green Thumb: how to not kill your houseplants

Plants provide a home with vibrance, life, and improve air quality! Over quarantine my plant family has grown significantly and I’ve learned a few simple things that have allowed my green friends to thrive. 

1. House plants appreciate consistency.

Pick a location with stable sun exposure and temperature. Most plants prefer a temperature between 65-75 degrees. Just like your dad obsessing over the thermostat, your plant hates when the temp changes too quickly.

2. Prune your plants

Pruning allows you to cut off old-growth and start fresh. Just like getting a hair cut to kiss your split ends goodbye, or cutting off a toxic friend. 

3. Drainage Holes are key

Ensure your lovely house plants don’t suffocate by using pots that have drainage holes. This way plenty of air can get in and your green guys don’t drown.

4. Mirror your plants' native habitat

Take a few minutes to research your planes background! Things to note are humidity, temperature, soil, and water. This is key to your house plants’ longevity.

5. Stay away from lamps

Don’t place your plant next to a lava lamp (personal mishap). Its leaves will burn and you will feel like a terrible plant parent.

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