Why You're Going to Make it Until Summer Vacation

The end of the semester is slowly creeping closer. How are you handling it all, collegiates? 

Let me guess, you are at the point where your laundry just keeps piling up because you realized that your clothes will be dirty again anyway, and even if you are still attempting to maintain a clean balance in your room, you have to admit, it’s slipping just a bit. You are at the point where you aren’t trying to get your grades presentable for medical school, law school, etc., but you are merely trying to make it so your grades work out for yourself in the end. You are procrastinating to the point where you do not even know what life is like where you pick up a pencil and solve the problems, or type out an essay. You know you need to study but you are still waiting for the right motivation to go pick up those books. This is the point when you realized that studying literally means student-dying. Even though you know summer is coming, or even graduation, the mere futuristic thoughts are doing nothing to solve your stress.  You probably look like this:                                                         Photo courtesy of Pixabay 

And you probably feel like this inside:                                                            Photo Courtesy of Pixabay  You have to push past that barrier that seems like it blocking you from what you know needs to be done.

You have to make yourself understand that these are not just things that you will be forcing yourself to do because you have to them, but they are things that you want to do because you are awaiting the beneficial outcomes that will meet you in the end. Despite how it may feel at the moment, you know you are not going to college to torture yourself, but to better yourself. It may seem hard to look to the future outcomes, because you are in the present, and this is the life that you are living. So dare yourself to live in the present, and find the entertaining topic in your notes that makes you want to keep studying. Look for a scholarly source that will make you proud to disagree with or agree with a point. Dare yourself to find your work just as interesting as Netflix. 

You’re going to make it to the end of the semester because...

First you will take a deep breath of that fresh spring air:

                                                       Photo Courtesy of Pixabay 

You are not going to cram all in one night ... 

Instead you will:

Take the rest of the semster day by day and tackle every daily challenge instead of fighing to solve all of your problems at once, or finish all of your work at the same time. 

                                                        Photo Courtesy of Pixabay 

You are going to take reasonable breaks where you can hang out will friends or watch television and attempt to release some of that stress.                                                        Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

         And most importantly you will:  Log out of social media, close down your binge episodes on Netflix, pick up your homework or your notes and get to work!

You are going to be just fine.