The Stages of Getting Your First Job

You’d gotten pretty comfy with Mom and Dad financing your boozy benders, online shopping addiction, and three meals a day at Chipotle.


Until they tell you $60,000 a year for school is enough. (Deep down, you think they owe you for always getting straight As. Or straight Bs. Or just for staying in school this long.)


So you get your first job—


–and it’s a wake up call. People actually do this for a living?!!


Then comes that first paycheck!!


Wait---they took out THAT MUCH in taxes??


But you go shopping anyway.


Even though your fridge looks like this:


But when you go to the grocery store, all you can afford is Spam. 


You complain to your friends about how hard your life is…


And they’re like “Dude. We’ve been doing this since we were sixteen.”


Eventually, you learn to prioritize. 


And pretty soon, you’re feeling all grown up.


And you’ve learned some great life lessons... 


...and the value of hard work. ;-)