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Spring Break in Rochester

Sure we might not have the hot sun, clear beaches, and the Pina Coladas like Cancun,  but Rochester still has alot to offer if you are staying here for Spring break. 

Here are a list of fun events and things to do for your staycation in Rochester. 

1. Visit the National Museum of Play

Just because we are in college doesn’t mean we can’t be kids for a day.



2. First Friday 

First Friday is a monthly citywide gallery night that encourages collaboration between non-profit, university, and commercial art venues in Rochester, NY. This initiative showcases area artists and arts institutions by promoting the First Friday evening of each month from 6-9pm as a community night for experiencing art. First Friday ensures a healthy art scene and a healthy city through regular exchange and discussion between venues, artists and patrons.



3. Pole Position Raceway

It’s like Mario Kart but in real life.

  • One Miracle Mile Drive
  • Marketplace Mall
  • Rochester, NY 14623
  • Phone: 585-427-RACE

Pole Position Raceway is the premium indoor electric karting experience, located in Marketplace Mall. 

4. See a Eastman Performance

I mean we live within 10 miles from one of the best music schools in America, so why not go see a show?



5. Explore Park Ave

From Boulders, to Lakeshore Record Exchange, Park ave has everything from great coffee, music to food. Try the Tomato soup at Magnolias and expereince pure happiness.


6. Or go an actual park

Have a picnic, pack a lunch from Wegs, do some yoga, read a novel and enjoy some sun if the weather is nice out.


7. Bike the Genesse Trail

This trail is beauitually located right next to the riverway. If you bike about 5 miles down you will run into quaint little shops in Brighton. 


For Extra fun- take a ferry boat trip located in Brighton 

8. Catch a movie at the Little Theater

A cool Brooklyn vibe hipster theater with some Indie films. 

For extra fun and hipsterness- go to Javas located across the street.


9. Stay in and be a bum

I mean let’s be real, although all of these activities sound fun, we are burnt out from school. So why not just catch up some ZZZ’s and Netflix, play some board games or Cards Against Humanity, order Insomnias, and get wine drunk for all of Break.


Franny Pamoukian is a senior at the University of Rochester double majoring in Business and Psychology with a minor in Studio Arts. A city girl at heart, she is an active blogger, fashionista and art enthusiast.
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