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No Uber? No Problem!

Where I’m from, UBER and Lyft are everywhere. Whether you're going out for a party or need a drop-off at the airport, they make going places safe, easy and cheap. It is pretty amazing. Unfortunately though, due to state regulations, these services are not available in Rochester and we still got to struggle with those high priced taxi fare. We are literally on the struggle bus (HA). BUT don't fret just yet! Yes, not having Uber or Lyft sucks, but I've come up with a handy list of alternatives.


1. Use the public bus system!

It is actually not hard to get to places in Rochester using the bus and it's only $1 each ride! How do I use the the bus system? Easy. Google maps takes care of it for you. Just use the “bus” option when typing in your directions.


2. STAY AWAY from Marketplace taxi.

Every U of R student knows they kinda suck and are unreliable.


3. On that note though, find a taxi driver you really like and make him your BFF.

I have my taxi driver on speed dial. I know he won’t charge me extra and he knows what music I like for my car rides.


4. Rent a bike from City Cycles when the weather is nice!

You can save gas and get a nice workout!



Though it is not free, it is definitely cheaper than taxis. Zipcar annual membership is $25 for students and hourly rates to rent a car are very cheap!




6. Ride along.

When it starts snowing, getting places is tough. So find a buddy with a car and ask for a ride, but definitely reimburse for gas! #brocode #girlcode #EVERYONECODE



7. Start your own driving service.

If you have a car, and want a little extra cash, start a low-key driving service on the weekend for peers and post on Facebook groups! You’d be surprised how much money you can make on the weekends!



8. If none of these options appeal to you, I guess you can just wait an hour in the negative degree weather for the unrelaible U of R shuttle bus. Bleh. 

Franny Pamoukian is a senior at the University of Rochester double majoring in Business and Psychology with a minor in Studio Arts. A city girl at heart, she is an active blogger, fashionista and art enthusiast.
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