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Most Instagrammable Places at University of Rochester

The University of Rochester has a beautiful campus, and with that comes a lot of photo opportunities. Whether you take these pictures during Meliora Weekend when it is not cold outside yet, when there is a lot of snow on the ground or even in the spring when the flowers start to bloom, you will be left with amazing photos that all have a completely different feel. Here are some of the most instagrammable places at the University of Rochester.

Rush Rhees Library

The most iconic place to take pictures at school would of course have to be Rush Rhees Library. If you are going to take only one picture from this whole article, it has to be Rush Rhees. This is because it is so big, there are a lot of different angles that you can take the picture from and the picture will turn out amazing

Meliora Weekend

A good time to take pictures in Rush Rhees is during Meliora Weekend because they set up the Meliora letters which makes it even more unique and shows a lot of school spirit. Meliora is the school's motto that means “ever better.”

Rush Rhees Door

If you want a picture that is more different than the typical one where you can see the whole library, I would suggest taking one really close up since the marble walls make the pictures turn out great. 

Rush Rhees Close Up
Wilson Commons Tunnel

A really great spot to take pictures — especially in the winter — that not a lot of people know about is the tunnel in between Wilson Commons 2nd floor and Rush Rhees. The circular window gives the picture different dimensions and it still shows a really pretty view of the campus.

Jay’s Diner

Although not technically on campus, Jay’s Diner is a classic place to go for students when they are in need of some late night dinner. Open 24 hours, Jay’s Diner is a must for anyone attending the University of Rochester. Not only are their pancakes good, but it is a great spot to take some cute pictures with the restaurant’s retro vibes.

Pictured: Gabrielle Stephen.

Genesee Building

Another really nice spot to take pictures on campus is by the Genesee Building, next to the football field. Genesee is the newest dorm building on campus and the pictures here tend to look more modern than anywhere else on campus. It is also a good idea to show your school spirit with your friends by wearing University of Rochester apparel, as shown below.

The Quad

Another very beautiful place on campus that gets overlooked a lot is the Quad. Whether it is facing Hoeing or Crosby, the old buildings give a really pretty angle of campus that is worth taking advantage of for a picture. Whether it is in the summer or the winter, you will come out with a great picture. It can be either a close up on  the stairs, or one where you can see a lot of the buildings. This location works great to take a group picture, or solo like Anela did.

Pictured: Anela Karamustafic

The Quad - Stairs
Eastman Quadrangle

One of my favorite pictures was taken in the Eastman Quadrangle facing Morey. This was taken in August when the trees were still green so it made for a very bright background and the building peeking through in the back was a nice touch.

Bridge in front of Jackson Court

If you take the bridge in front of Jackson Court and keep going straight for a while, you will come across the perfect spot to take pictures because you get a full view of the city of Rochester. However, I would not recommend going on it at night because it may not be that safe.

Lucia Fuentes

Rochester '22

My name is Lucia and I am currently a Junior at the University of Rochester majoring in Computer Science with a minor in History.
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