Meet the Team: Demi Robbins

Meet Demi! Demi Robbins is a second year student at the University of Rochester majoring in English and Political Science from Dallas, Texas. In addition to being a Her Campus Rochester contributor, Demi serves as the Member Relations Coordinator for our chapter. 

There’s no better way to get to know Demi more than trying to visualize what a movie about her life would be like. A movie about Demi isn’t your happy-go-lucky, light hearted film— but it’s real, raw and relatable. So, here’s a snapshot into what that could be:


Her Campus: Who would you want to play you in a movie?

Demi Robbins: I would love for Emma Stone to play me in a movie. In terms of physical appearance, I look absolutely nothing like her, but I think she's so funny and has a way of truly capturing the humor of any moment, no matter how depressing and/or dark (which just so happens to be my humor because if you're not laughing then you're crying— or however that cliche goes). I also think she really knows how to portray a character with nothing left to lose with only their true self to bear (think Easy A), which is honestly how my life tends to go and how I would want to be represented authentically.

HC: What genre would your movie be?  

DR: It would probably be a dark comedy. As I previously mentioned, if you're not laughing then you're crying. I think the course of my life has had a lot of trauma, but there has always been finding some form of light in spite of it all.

HC: What song is setting your opening scene? 

DR: I think the song Bad Habits by Johnny Polygon. I think it has a really upbeat vibe, but also conveys the idea that you don't have to be perfect to be a good person, especially in a world of uncertainty. 

HC: What scene do we open with? 

DR: Probably one of me going through my morning routine. I'm imagining a sequence from a 2000s rom-com (although my life is far from a rom-com) where the main character picks an outfit out and gets ready in tune to a punchy song. I am probably one of the most indecisive people you will ever meet, so just the process of getting ready (clothes tossed all around me) is a disaster in and of itself and very in tune to all the chaos that surrounds my life. 

HC: What would the movie be about? Is it a big moment in your life or just a fun anecdote?

DR: I would want the movie to start with me in college, a person more aware of who she is and being able to be in control of her own life for the first time ever, but still uncertain and partly trapped in her past. I would want the movie to include flashbacks to my younger years because I definitely did not grow up in the best of circumstances, which is something that has shaped the person I am today. I think an essential moment of the plot would be me receiving a full scholarship to attend this university, which enabled me to do so many things that I didn't think were possible, setting the stage for the rest of my life.

HC: Does your movie feature a plot twist?

DR: I don't think it would (unless it was for the better). I'm actually not a huge fan of surprises or sudden change, I actually prefer stability since it was something severely lacking in my childhood. So if my movie were to include a plot twist, it would be something involving a change for my future, since I still have no idea what I want to do after I graduate.