Meet the Her Campus Rochester Team


Franny Pamoukian, senior

Campus Correspondent, Campus Correspondent

Double major in Business and Psychology; Studio Arts Minor

Writing interests: All things interesting, thought-provoking, funny, fashionable, and yummy

"I love bike riding! I once rode 100 miles from LA to San Diego!"


Nikki Fox, senior

Campus Correspondent, Campus Correspondent (Editor-in-Chief)

Film & Media Studies and Spanish majors

Writing interests: Travel, culture, art, health, beauty

"One time I slept in the Amazon rainforest in a hammock. It was surreal!"


Madeline Bove, sophomore

Social Media Director, Contributing Writer

Studying some combination of Neuroscience, Women's Studies and Spanish

Writing interests: Beauty, working out, people on campus

"I have been a vegetarian for almost 10 years."


Nhan Le, junior

Senior Editor

Data Science and Neuroscience majors

Writing interests: Politics, analysis of our collective millennial malaise

"I pretend to be a Charlotte but I'm actually a Samantha."


Pamela Ortego, freshman

Graphic Designer, Contributing Writer

Business and Language, Media, & Communications majors, Studio Art minor

Writing interests: Fashion and lifestyle related blogs 

"If there ever was a game show solely about the TV show Friends, I think I would win. I have watched and re-watched the series countless times to the point where I can recite the lines." 


Caitlin Davie, freshman

Contributing Writer

English major, Statistics and Psychology minors

Writing interests: All topics on Her Campus, but especially ones I can relate to personally

"I'm not too interesting, but I know 170 digits of pi, if that counts?"


Emily Zhu, freshman

Contributing Writer

Planning to major in English and History, and maybe minor in Legal Studies or Women's Studies (but all of this is subject to change)

Writing interests: I usually like doing current event articles about things going on in the world, with my main interests in things surrounding racial or gender inequality. I'm all about that kind of stuff, haha. Also, love writing anything about women empowerment!

"I met my favorite band, Years & Years, last July during their album signing!"


Vanaja Pernankil, freshman

Contributing Writer

International Relations major and Music minor 

Writing interests: Product reviews and opinion pieces 

"I pronounce the "w" in sword." 


Ojiugo Igwe, sophomore

Contributing Writer

Neuroscience major, Psychology minor

Writing interests: Healthy eating, fitness, workouts

"I have citizenship in 3 countries."


Alma Rocha, freshman

Contributing Writer

Chemical Engineering major

Writing interests: Blogs and reviews

"I love making Pinterest boards!"


Elizabeth Pearson, senior

Contributing Writer

International Relations major, Italian Studies minor

Writing interests: Mental and physical health

"This past fall semester I visited the two smallest countries in the world (the Vatican and Monaco)."


Gianna Basile, freshman

Contributing Writer


Writing interests: I love writing blogs!

"I once made author John Green cry!"


Nadia Tung, freshman

Contributing Writer


Writing interests: LGBTQIAP+ issues, mental health, book/movie/TV reviews and meta, general college advice, fiction, fanfiction

"I am a nonbinary asexual human!"


Jenny Zhang, senior

Contributing Writer

Psychology major, Public Health minor

Writing interests: Campus Cuties, Campus Celebrities, local events

 "I grew up in 3 different places  one of them being Miami, Florida, which is only 4 hours away from Disney World!" 


Conley Ernst, freshman

Contributing Writer

Digital Media Studies and Environmental Science majors

Writing interests: Blogs

"I started playing goalie in 5th grade when I was promised an ice cream to play in goal, I’m now playing for Rochester’s Varsity Lacrosse team all because of that ice cream!"


Iliana Garcia, graduate student

Contributing Writer

English with Minors in Theatre and Legal Studies majors

M.S. candidate at Warner for Mental Health Counseling

Writing interests: Health and wellness, personal development

"I try to challenge myself beyond career, travel, and health goals--that includes facing my fears, one of which is heights. So in December 2014, I jumped off of Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas and it was exhilarating to say the least. It stands at 1,149 ft. making it the tallest freestanding observation tower in the US. The jump was 829 ft. and had a cord, so next up: skydiving!"