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Meet Bradley Halpern ’12: Incoming SA President

Bradley Halpern, a member of the class of 2012, was recently elected to the position of Students’ Association President.  In this interview, Bradley gives us the inside scoop about what he hopes to accomplish in the coming year and teaches us a little more about himself!


Congratulations on being elected as the newest Students’ Association President!  Tell us a little bit about yourself.
A: I’m currently a junior, likely majoring in Computer Science and Political Science with a minor in Math. Besides SA Government, I’m also involved in the Campus Activities Board and a few other activities. One of my lesser known passions is wilderness adventures– mountaineering, climbing, SCUBA diving, you name it. This summer I will be leading a wilderness and community service trip for high schoolers with a company called the Road Less Traveled… I can’t wait.
Q: What previous SA involvement have you had?
A: I started off as an aide on the Projects & Services Committee in my Freshman year, where I accomplished some major projects like the first Walk for Facilities, development of a new discount taxi service, and the URWireless Proposal that is still driving expansion today. Starting in my Sophomore year I chaired the Projects & Services Committee, and also became a Senator. I served in the same posts this year.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish on campus this coming year?
A: It’s difficult to say what projects I specifically want to accomplish next year, because I haven’t yet weighed all of the options that I’m considering. I can, however, say what I feel is important and how I plan to see projects through. Firstly, I hope to improve the reputation of SA Government on campus. Some undergraduate students feel that SA Government cannot help them, and that is mostly because they are not aware of what we do. I cannot tell you how many times somebody finishes telling me how SA Government cannot benefit them, then immediately proceeds to comment on an issue that we either are currently addressing or easily could address. I hope to break down this stigma. Another one of my major goals is to improve transparency, both within pockets of the administration, and within SA Goverment. Finally, I hope to encourage more centralization and big-picture thinking on a variety of projects, a sample of which include TA Training, Facilities plans, Technology, and Security. While I realize this is vague sounding now, it is because I don’t want to promise anything unrealistic to the student body. Through my promise for increased transparency, I hope that all students who read Rocky’s Report and check sa.rochester.edu will feel informed.

Q: How can other students get involved in the SA?
A: Involving all students is a key part of my goals for next year. I encourage anybody with questions to email me. The best ways to find out what we’re doing is to read Rocky’s Report- our monthly email newsletter- and follow along with The Hive-http://sa.rochester.edu/. When you see something that interests you, email us! Of course, anybody who has an idea for bettering the campus or improving student life should always feel free to contact me.

Q: What is your favorite thing about the University of Rochester?
A: My favorite thing about the UR would have to be the independence of students. So many people are passionate about such a variety of things, and the way they pursue those interests here is inspiring. Just this weekend alone, I saw friends presenting research at URE on everything from ground-breaking research on tectonic plates (no pun intended) to practically a cure for aging, the Louvre Performance Ensemble gave an incredible performance culminating unimaginable hours of commitment every week, and ArtAwake took over a historic building downtown and fascinated the entire city with a true appreciation for incredible artistic variety.

Kaitlin Carragher is a junior at the University of Rochester majoring in Economics and minoring in Legal Studies.  While she has no previous experience with journalism, she is very excited to be a part of the Her Campus team.  Speaking of journalism, she put off writing this bio for four months, but hey who's counting?  Since her major's not quite her favorite thing, Kaitlin has spent most of her undergraduate career getting involved on campus.  She is currently President of the Epsilon Rho Chapter of Kappa Delta Sorority, an active member of student government, a Student-Alumni Ambassador, Relay for Life coordinator, and a few other other things--guess you can never have too many activities.  Originally from the suburbs of Boston, Kaitlin will be spending this summer in Dublin, Ireland, where she's hoping to finally be among people that are just as pale and freckled as she is.  Along with being pale, her other main weaknesses include a fear of the ocean, hatred of potato chips, and the inability to correctly pronounce "hot dog."  Kaitlin's current obsessions include Groupon, greek yogurt, and 90s pop music.  After college Kaitlin hopes to go into marketing, but she is currently searching for ways to extend the length of senior year to forever.
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