A List of Custom Foundation Testimonials

For those of you that are unaware, UR Her Campus is having a GLAM LAB Saturday Nov. 12th from 12:30-5:00 in the Bridge Lounge of Wilson Commons. One of the main components of this event is that we bring in representatives from Motives Cosmetics who are able to create custom blended foundations to be a perfect match for your skin tone!


In the spirit of the event as well as the celebration of a successful event, full of happy customers from this event last year… I have reached out to some people who have previously got a custom blend foundation to get their thoughts!


  1. Have you used your custom blend at all since you got it? “I use it pretty often!!” “Used the whole thing!” “Yes, it is my go-to foundation!”

  2. How does your custom blend feel when you wear it? / What are your general thoughts about your blend? “Feels very natural and soft” “It blends well with my skin and feels light and comfortable!” “I don't really feel it at all”

  3. How has your make-up buying experience traditionally been? Do you find that overall you are happier with your custom foundation? “Usually I just get what I can afford and it's worked so far, but the custom blend is really nice! I'm trying to ration it now though haha, I don't have much left so I only use it for date nights and formals and stuff hahah” “Normally swatch about 10 foundations before finding one pale enough for me. Having it made just for me took out a lot of stress.” “Typically, I would have to just pick the color on the stand that appears to be the best match for my skin tone - sometimes the color worked and sometimes it did not. Consequently, I found myself extremely relieved and glad to hear that I could get a custom blend foundation for a price I could afford.”

  4. What extra thoughts or comments do you have about the blending process (where I stared closely at your face and added fun colors into your beaker!) as well as about your blend or motives products in general? “ It really just threw me off that you put things in like blue, I never thought that should/would be in my foundation!!” “It was cool but also took a lotttttttttttt of white to get to my skin color. All around it was a positive experience!” “The entire process was great from the blending to the customer service. Definitely would recommend to a friend!” “I like that it’s tailored to your skin undertones. It's amazing to see how even my skin looks when I use it!”


All of these customers are using our custom liquid foundation, however we also have an amazing product line for the powder foundations that are completely customizable too! Come check us out to get your own perfect blend!