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How to Transition your Wardrobe for Fall


Despite the lovely warm days we’ve been having these past few days, there is a definite tone of fall in the air. When you walk to your 9 am class, it is a little chilly and you start to feel the need to use the tunnels every so often. Of course, you start to see some fall fashion staples at Rochester such as Bean Boots, flannels, and vests. However lovely fall is, I’ll be sad to put some of my favorite summer fashion pieces in the back of my closet…which is why I usually don’t! Here are some of my tips for transitioning your wardrobe for fall.


Tank Tops/Crop Tops

Can I just say that I love my crop tops and tank tops? In summer, I live in them and I hate the idea of never getting the chance to wear them when it gets cold. To wear these, I find that layering is key. I tend to wear my crop tops with flannels layered over and high-waisted jeans in the fall or under an over-sized comfy zip-up sweater. Another option is to invest in some body suits. They’ll give the illusion of a tank top, while keeping your midriff covered!  



Sun Dresses

While most people consider sun dresses a spring and summer only piece, I wear them year round. I love the bright colors and how easy they are to throw on. To wear these, I pair them with more comfy sweaters and tights, or tie them up around my waist to make a cute flowy shirt.



Bright Colors

Okay, I have a confession. My outfits overall are not super colorful but the colors I do wear, I tend to wear all year round. A fun way to bring color to an outfit is to do a color pop, meaning to wear all darker colors and then have one accent piece that is colorful to draw people’s eyes! I love doing this with my lipstick as well. A pink lip in the dead of winter can be a perfect way to make me more cheerful!



Snowboots/ Boots

My best advice for dealing with the coming months of leggings, big puffy coats, hats, scarves, and gloves is to invest in a pair of nice boots that are practical and make you feel good because as soon as it starts snowing, you’ll be wearing them a lot. Like a LOT. Like probably every day. So buy some that you like and that make you feel good; this waym you’ll love your walk to class even more!


So, happy fall and enjoy the sunshine these next few days!

My name is Madeline and I am freshman at the University of Rochester. I row on the crew team and am planning on a double major in neuroscience and women's studies on a pre-med track. I am also involved with the Eco-Reps on campus and I love to read and play the piano.
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