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How to Dress with the Change of Weather

Ah, Rochester. A hidden gem, with so many cool things to do year round. If only it wasn’t, you know, WINTER for almost half the year! But I guess it just makes it that much more special when in March or April, when it finally gets over 40 degrees (sometimes, because it SNOWED TODAY ugh). But the change of weather definitely poses a challenge when it comes to choosing your outfits each day. Here’s how to transition your wardrobe from freezing to cool to warm.


Instead of insulated pants all the time, start wearing more tights! You can wear tights with tight skirts, skater skirts, shorts, dresses, etc. They still keep your legs warm, but won’t overheat you in the 40 degree weather. You can also pair tights and skirts very well with boots which can help if there’s still snow on the ground or if it’s raining.


Paired with your skirts and tights combo: sweaters! It’s fun to layer sweaters over a dress, and to have the loose sweater look with a tighter skirt. This also helps you stay warm. I loooove a good cropped sweater and dress look.

Leggings-as-pants make a great transition, as well (even though I wore them in below freezing weather anyways). Leggings are perfect because they still keep you warm-ish and aren’t as restricting as the jeans + boots combo.

Now that you don’t have to worry too much about snow and salt all over the ground, break out those cute non-water-resistant shoes! Desert boots are perfect for this transition time, as are sneakers.

With each outfit, don’t forget to add simple necklaces and/or bracelets and/or rings, because now you can show ’em off!


Hopefully today was Rochester’s last day of snow! Until then, stay warm and use your wardrobe to urge along spring!

Currently a Senior at the University of Rochester. I'm an English major, with a focus on media, editing, and publishing. I'm a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma, a member of College Feminists, and a Building Manager in Wilson Commons aka the greatest. In my free time (of which there is rarely any), I love to read, talk about/watch baseball, learn new things, and do fun things with my squad.
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