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Got A Problem? Here’s Where to Go and For What

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Problem: I am looking for classroom accommodations.

If you would like to have a physical or cognitive disability documented with the Office of Disability Resources and arrange for accommodations, you can visit Taylor Hall or submit an online registration form. It might be worth having a private conversation with your professor as well, particularly if you need accommodations, but do not have any sort of official diagnosis.

Problem: It’s hard to find dining hall meals that fit my dietary restrictions.

Food on campus, especially with dietary restrictions is definitely tough, and there is no easy solution. In Douglass Dining Hall there is the Gluten-Free pantry and the Kosher station. In Danforth Dining Hall there is always a minimum of one (1) vegan option (quality not guaranteed), and sometimes they will have vegan ice cream, no matter how much some omnivorous students may complain about it. Recent changes to Campus Dining hours and protocol may affect this as well.

Problem: I am struggling financially and am looking for resources.

You can try to set up an appointment with your financial aid counselor, sure, but they don’t always have the answers, especially mid-semester when there is nothing much you can do to change your aid mid-semester. If you are struggling with food, Wilson Commons has the Food Pantry that provides non-perishable food items to students (for pick-up). For those shopping at CVS in College Town, make sure you have a rewards card to take advantage of coupons and deals. Ibotta can help reimburse you for food & item discounts (notably at Walmart, which typically MUCH cheaper than Wegmans and Target). If you are looking for an on-campus job, you can visit the Greene Center for Career Education and Connections to work on resumes and cover letters, and feel free to peruse JobLink postings on your own time (the link is available on Blackboard).

Problem: I’m not sure whether I want to go to graduate school, stay on the pre-med track, or go into industry work.

The Greene Center has excellent Career Advisors that you can make an appointment with to discuss your future plans, bounce ideas off of, work on application materials, and so much more. You can make these appointments at the front desk or on Handshake (though not for same-day). You can also come to drop-in Collaboration Hours that are offered Monday through Friday from 1pm-4pm and speak with Peer Career Advisors about resumes, cover letters, application processes, job and internship searching, and more!

Problem: I have questions about my class registration.

This answer changes based on what specific questions you have. For selecting courses, you may wish to speak to your individual academic/department advisor. If you’re wondering more about registration, your schedule, or whether an independent study has been approved, you should check out the College Center for Advising Services (CCAS). They often have appointments available to meet with advisors within a few days, or you can meet with a peer advisor (very similar to the Greene Center).

Problem: I want to apply for internships, but as an international student I will need CPT. Where do I go to learn more about this?

The International Student Office (ISO) and the Greene Center are great places to stop by if you have questions about CPT. To learn about your specific visa type and what steps you need to take to secure CPT, ISO is the place to go. The Greene Center can help you through the internship application process and give you an overview about the 0.5 credit 394i internship credit that you will need to register for once you have secured an offer letter from the employer.

Problem: I lost my ID…

Rookie mistake. The ID Office is in Susan B Anthony Hall next to Hillside. BUT before you pay for your sins ($25), double-check the UR Lost Facebook page and the feed on the CCC app. You might just find your face plastered on there :) May the odds be ever in your favor.

Grace is originally from Syracuse, NY, and studies at the University of Rochester, despite her overwhelming contempt for the cities' chilling winters. She is majoring in Film and Media Production with minors in Music and Audio & Music Engineering, and she spends a lot of time thinking about the sociopolitical responsibility of artists, career improvement, and how the world is often wack. Some of Grace's hobbies include consuming chocolate, collecting sticky notes, and over-analyzing movies and TV series.
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