Feeling Like A Mess? Stop the Stress!

Stressed out about upcoming midterms? Got a test coming up that you’ve studied for but still feeling anxious towards it? No worries! Everyone gets these anxious feelings towards tests, but there are a few things that you could do to alleviate this stress that you are currently feeling:


1. Listen to some music

This is probably one of my most helpful tactics to eliminate any kind of stress; it would probably help to ease your brain from the many hours of studying and listen to some of your favorite music, the music that makes you happy enough to want to keep studying.


2. Take a short walk somewhere

It would also probably be helpful to leave your dorm and take a quiet, peaceful walk around campus. Not only would it count for some form of physical activity, but seeing all of the sights around the University of Rochester campus could potentially take your mind off of the stress.


3. Take a short nap

Because who doesn’t like to nap? It’s okay to step away from those textbooks and rest for a short while once you feel you brain throbbing against your skull.


4. Meditate!

This would be considered unconventional for some people, but in general, meditating could bring about some internal tranquility and serenity. Step away from the study materials, sit on your bed, or go to a meditating room (they have those somewhere in campus!) and meditate for a short period of time.


There are definitely other things that a person could do to relieve their stress from studying, but the previous suggestions I have listed are only a few on the list! It is not advised to study for extensive periods of time because it creates a lot of stress on your brain, and you are more susceptible to forgetting what you spent hours and hours and hours memorizing on flash cards, notes and textbooks. Instead, create study sessions that are about an hour (or maybe less, or maybe a little more, depending on how you study) and when you decide to take a break, feel free to do one of the stress-relieving activities that I have listed!


Good luck with testing… You’ll all do really well!