#EyebrowGoals For Every Face Shape

One of the golden rules of beauty: never underestimate the power of the brow!

The right eyebrow shape can transform your face and accentuate your best features. Good eyebrows give your face life and expression. In fact, there's scientific evidence to back up how big of an impression our eyebrows make on others.  

Not all of us are blessed with perfect bold brows a la Cara Delevingne or Lily Collins, but gorgeous eyebrows are always achievable, even if it requires some shaping or filling in. Here is a breakdown of what type of brow to aim for based on your face shape:

1. Oval 

You're lucky--anything goes! A soft, angled brow is always flattering. 


2. Long

A flatter brow will shorten your face. 


3. Round

A high arch brow makes the face seem less round.  


4. Square

Try an angled curved brow to balance your features. 


5. Heart

A low arch and curved brow balances the face. 


6. Diamond

A curved brow softens an angled face. 

Have fun with it, and go easy on the tweezing!