Campus Cutie: Mara Hollenback

This week's campus cutie is Mara Hollenback! 

Major/Minor: I am majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Health Psychology. 

Hometown: Seattle, Washington 

How did you get interested in Computer Science?: My friend took AP Computer Science in high school before me and told me it was all about logic and I love logic so I gave it a try and fell in love with it!

What advice would you give to women getting involved in this field?: To not take the stereotypes to heart and understand it’s a lot of work but it is worth it in the end!

What is the hardest part of this major?: Keeping up to date with all the new technology that is coming out everyday. Technology is a field that is always changing.

What is your dream job?: Being a software engineer for a large tech company

Favorite tv show?: Friends all day everyday!

Favorite movie?: That's a tough one...I can't decide 

Favorite cuisine: Indian food!

Dream vacation spot: Defenitely India for their food! Food dictates a lot of my decision making.