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Campus Cutie: Catherine (Cate) Barton



Name: Catherine Barton, Cate for short.  

Birthday: September 27th, 1996

Class Year and Major[s]/Minor[s]: Class of 2019, majoring in Chemical Engineering with a potential minor in Biology.

Hometown: Hudson Falls, New York.

Dream Job: I want to work for a company that works on making medicine cheaper.


Top three things on your bucket list?

  1. Eat a garbage plate

  2. Move to Ireland

  3. Go parasailing

One food you could never live without?

Ritz crackers or saltines. One or the other.

What are you involved in on campus?

Society of Women Engineers, American Institute of Engineers.

Favorite movie?

A Knight’s Tale.

Celebrity crush?

Robert Downey Jr.

Vanaja is currently attending the University of Rochester as an International Relations major and Music minor. In her spare time she enjoys singing and reading. Aside from making boys cry, her true loves are Adrien Brody, sleep, and lipstick.
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