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Campus Cutie: Alex King


Get to know this weeks campus cutie, Rochester’s Men’s swim team captain Alex King!



Name: Alex King, 21
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Campus Activities: Men’s Swim Team Captain , Intramurals, charity sporting events, VSAAC President elect
Relationship Status: Single
Post Grad Plans: One more year of undergrad, but have recently accepted a year research position at the Mayo Clinic in Orthopedic Surgery, then Medical School- hopefully focusing in Orthopedic Surgery
You’re favorite part of Rochester: The weather! Who doesn’t want to leave a beach climate to go to Rochester and not see the sun for 6 months?


Meghan Liptak is a senior at the University of Rochester. She is majoring in Political Science and has been part of the Her Campus Rochester team as a contributing writer for over a year. Meghan looks forward to taking over as campus correspondent and copy editor of Her Campus Rochester this upcoming school year.
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