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Campus Celeb- Bella Clemente

Our Campus Celeb this week is Bella Celmente! She is a rower for the University Women’s Crew team and is overall a wonderful person to talk to! She is really inspirational to all of her friends and her team. This week she shares some fantasic advice and her postive outlook on life!! 

Name: Bella Clemente

Major: BS in Brain and Cognitive Sciences and BA in Studio Arts

Birthday: October 31!

Hometown: Herndon, VA

Advice to give incoming Freshmen: Figure out a daily schedule with prioritized study hours, and make lists of things to do for each day that you can always have on-hand!

If you could do one thing over at college what would it be?: Figure out my time management and be more active in specific clubs on campus

Favorite thing about University of Rochester: When the tower bells play songs and the population of groundhogs!

What is your campus involvement? Why do you support this club?: I’m currently one of the captains of the Women’s Rowing team. This is my 7th year in rowing, and being on the team changed my whole college experience. Being a part of such a connected, caring group of people has provided me a home base while being out of state, and an awesome growing circle of friends and support. I am also a third year member of the Mock Trial team. Mock Trial is another great group of individuals whom I’ve become close with, even though I joined my sophomore year. It’s been really interesting, even though I don’t have any future plans involved with law.

Dream Job: Either a house-flipper or a professional photographer for National Geographic

Life motto: Always consider how much certain things now will matter to you in 5, 10, 15 years from now. Having a different perspective changes the game. Feeling like its the end of the world because of a bad test or a rough day can totally change when you think about what you’ll remember years from now.

Favorite/Most inspirational Athlete: Meghan Kalmoe!

Thank you so much Bella!

My name is Madeline and I am freshman at the University of Rochester. I row on the crew team and am planning on a double major in neuroscience and women's studies on a pre-med track. I am also involved with the Eco-Reps on campus and I love to read and play the piano.
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