Best Hidden Places on Campus!



We all have them. Our fave library, our fave study spot, fave place to take a nap, fave bathroom to poop in (don’t worry, your secret is safe with me). But what about those “hidden” places on campus. The ones that you think you’re the only one to find….like ever (read Room of Requirement for all my Harry Potter fans out there). So where are these awesome hidden nooks and crannies of this great campus?

  1. Buzz Coffee in the Simon Business. This coffee shop is def not the easiest place to find if you’re like me and not a business student but it is so worth it. The coffee is actually amazing and they have every possible lunch option you could want (including the old-school mac and cheese that used to be at the salad bar in the Pit...juniors and seniors, you know what I’m talking about). Plus, it’s a great place to study...there is a steady stream of good coffee and it's relatively quiet, except during the lunch rush. FYI it’s not open on Friday...something I learned the hard way. *hint hint...the study rooms in Simon are also dope.

  2. The free book section in the POA. The Physics, Optics, and Astronomy Library (POA) itself is a hidden gem of a library but my fave part of it is for sure the free bookshelf. Okay, the books aren’t technically free, you’re supposed to take one and leave one, but still....if you’re a reading nerd like I am, then it’s awesome.

  3. “I really like the 11th floor of Hylan, it has the BEST views! You are eye-level with Rush Rhees which is awesome on days with a crystal blue sky!”- Caitlin, our Business Manager.

  4. Down by the Genny/GVP: Thankfully it is starting to get warm out and that means that you’re going to want a beautiful, outdoor place to study...or tan...or hang with friends...or anything else but study. If you head down to the river and into GVP (Genesee Valley Park), you can find some nice picnic tables with nice views of the river.

  5. The fireplace in Douglass: While this place is not hidden by any means, it something about the new building that I absolutely love. When it’s chilly out I love sitting next to it and getting my work done. The heaters by the picnic tables outside Douglass and Grab and Go are also dope.

What’s your fave hidden spot on campus??