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A Playlist to Remedy the Campus Parking Nightmare

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Okay, so we all know that campus parking is a clusterf*ck. Commuting students mostly end up stuck in parking lots that are further away from campus than their housing. As for me, I admittedly tried to sell my soul to get a pass this year, but ultimately decided to buck up and walk to save some major moolah. And while I am anticipating it being absolutely HORRENDOUS in the winter, I guess the autumn stroll ain’t so bad? It gives me time to eat breakfast on the way and I vibe to music that both soothes and motivates me to get through back-to-back classes. Perhaps you don’t relate to this at all (freshmen, you are so lucky), but for those who make the daily 15-20 minute trek, here is a variety of tunes to kick off your early mornings [available to save through Her Campus – Rochester on Spotify!]

  1. Oh No! By MARINA

I stumbled across this 2010 hit the other day and it came straight from the corner of my memory. Holy nostalgia.

  1. Groundhog Day by Em Beihold

From a breakout internet artist, this song is relatable on so many levels, especially for millennials and elder Gen Zs.

  1. Antibodies (Do You Have The) by Nicholas Braun

Do y’all remember that weird neon yellow sidekick dude who glowed in Sky High? That’s the same guy. And as much as we tried to hate this smexy pandemic period piece, it is just… so catchy.

  1. Would You Be So Kind by dodie

Once again, dodie has made me feel like I want to be in a rom-com. This song gets you in the mood to be swept off your feet by that special someone today.

  1. Leap of Faith by Audiomachine

If you’re a fan of orchestral or superhero film music, this instrumental song is full of power and gives you that extra boost of confidence to take on the day and fight the patriarchy.

  1. Farther We Go by Walk Off the Earth

Thank you to Dr. Sol for showing our class this a capella group’s music every class. I get so nostalgic everytime I hear this song even though it lowkey gives me an existential crisis about the passage of time. I promise, it’s a bop.

  1. Electric Love by BØRNS

You know it. Do I even have to explain why this is a good walking song?

  1. Sun by Sleeping At Last

Time to turn our faces toward a new day and feel that beautiful sunrise on your face. It is full of hope and the string section? *chefs kiss* This is a feel-good song for certain.

  1. Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me) by Train

If your walk takes you long enough to get through to this song (21+ minutes), I am so sorry for your loss. Hopefully, this classic will help you feel a smidge less bad about university bureaucracy.

  1.  Sunrise by Coldplay

 While you’re settling into your seat at the lecture or downing your second coffee of the morning, take these last few moments to catch your breath and meditate with this gorgeous orchestral string piece. 

Grace is originally from Syracuse, NY, and studies at the University of Rochester, despite her overwhelming contempt for the cities' chilling winters. She is majoring in Film and Media Production with minors in Music and Audio & Music Engineering, and she spends a lot of time thinking about the sociopolitical responsibility of artists, career improvement, and how the world is often wack. Some of Grace's hobbies include consuming chocolate, collecting sticky notes, and over-analyzing movies and TV series.
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