9 Ellen Degeneres Videos to Watch When You Need a Break.

Ellen Lee Degeneres is one of the best human beings you will come across. She has also helped me at many points in the day when I need to stop after I have so diligently written two sentences of my 10-page essay or when I need a mood booster. Ellen has the job of making people happy and making their lives better, showing us that no matter what struggle has hit us on that particular day, there are so many things to be grateful for!


1. For when you need to smile big time


“I am excited for chocolate”


2. For when you want to roll over from laughing so hard


“Swishy Chug”


3. For when you want to happy cry



4. For when you want to be Nicki Minaj



5. For when you want to be reminded of the good people in the world



6. When you want a cupcake



7. When you just want to be a Kardashian



8. For when you need to remember that anything is possible



9. For when you want to see how people impact one another



Thank you, Ellen, for always making us smile! BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER!​