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6 Ways to Enjoy Break Without Leaving Campus!

While some of us were lucky enough to go on a vay-kay or go back home this spring break, some of us did not have the luxury to do so. Whether it was because you needed to catch up on schoolwork or because home is just too far away, here is a list of things to do when you are stuck on campus next break to make your break suck less!


1. Instead of looking through your friends’ Snapchat stories, read a book.

When was the last time you read a book because you wanted to, not because you had to? This spring break,sit down or snuggle in with a good book. Because believe me, time really flies when you have a good book.


2. Instead of aimlessly scrolling through Facebook, spend a day out with your friends.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Sometimes just going to college town can be an adventure on its own. Exploring the bookstore, stopping by CVS or getting froyo is a great way to spend your spring break. With the weather being fairly warm now, I highly recommend walking there. Soak in the sun! Appreciate not having to walk through slushes of snow! Its not about the destination, it is about the journey! Take a look around and see how beautiful our campus really is.


3. What is spring break without a SLEEPOVER?

Sitting in the lounge and painting your nails, or dabbling in some henna art while watching Pitch Perfect is the perfect way to spend a girls night. You could even jam out to Taylor’s Swift new album or have your own dance party. The best part is you have the whole dorm to yourselves so no one will judge you!


4.  If you are feeling extremely bored this spring break, make a change in your appearance!

Whether it is getting a new piercing or dying your hair neon blue, there’s nothing like a change to make yourself feel better and more confident.


5. Instead of ordering take out, learn how to cook!

Spring break means limited dining hours. It is the time to actually cook something out of your pinterest board. (You know what I mean!)  Even if it is just a simple microwavable meal or dessert, nothing beats a home cooked meal.

6. Instead of sleeping until noon, start working on that summer bod.

While majority of us choose to binge watch netflix while eating ben and jerrys out of the pint (guilty!), spring break is the perfect time to start an exercise routine. With fewer people on campus, breaks are the perfect time to go to the gym and work for that bikini body! The gym will be significantly less crowded and better yet: no awkward eye contact !

So here we are girls! Who says spending break on campus cannot be fun and interesting?

Stay sunny,


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Jane Fong


Jane is a freshman in the University of Rochester. When she is not hiding from the cold weather or rushing to class you can find her jamming out on her guitar, hoarding books, humming to herself or in the library "studying"(making new playlists). 
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