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6 Easy Steps For Dealing With High School Drama in College

You finally get to college and think “Yes! I can finally escape that dumb high school drama!” Well maybe you won’t be having to deal with gossip on who's taking who to prom, but drama is inevitable in college and beyond.

No matter how awesome you are, there will always be someone who is not satisfied or simply doesn't like you. Here are 6 ways to deal when someone isn't treating you right:


1) Ask why!

Why are people doing it in the first place? Well, a lot of people have issues, unhappiness being one of them. It’s not the easiest of things to deal with when the ones you trusted are bitching about you behind your back. And the worst part of it all is that you sometimes hardly ever know the reason. Sometimes it could be a misunderstanding, misrepresentation, or simply because your actions hurt somebody without your knowledge.

2) Who cares of what others think of you?

Are you close to them? If it is just somebody in your friends circle or family you are not too close to, here is a quote I read a while ago: “what you think of yourself is more important that what others think of you.” It’s best to ignore them and carry on with life. Try not to get affected by it. Block it out of your mind and stay calm and say it’s not your business. Laugh it off and drink a glass of wine.


3) Do they matter to you?

Maybe it’s someone that really matters to you. If that is the case then talk it out! Sometimes sorting your problems out and being a good communicator is the best way to come to a peaceful solution especially if the person is someone whom you care about. Remember, be prepared to hear unpleasant things. Because yes, they’re pissed off for some reason. They’ll throw muck at you. Just stay calm and take it. Be a good communicator by listening and responding calmly!

4) Time heals.

Listen to what they have to say and think before you tell them how you feel. See if it was reasonable for them to have done what they did. If they were right and you were insensitive, accept it and apologize. There’s nothing shameful in accepting a mistake. It won’t make you a smaller person. If things work out, you’ll end up feeling like a bigger person when things are sorted out with time.

5) Tell them how it made you feel.

Let them know how it made you feel as patiently as you can. It’s very natural to get emotional when you’re talking with somebody so close to you about something that’s so personal. Prepare, if necessary rehearse what you are going to say to them before you go and talk to them. That way you can make sure you emotions don’t affect your conversation. Remember to not let your emotions rule over being reasonable and rational.

6) Before all this – ask yourself – is all this trouble even worth it?

It has to make sense now! If it doesn't, it’s not worth fighting with such people. It’s not easy to just let somebody put you down. Don’t take it if you think the person is not worth it.


Remember, you don’t have to waste your time and energy thinking about what worthless people think about you! But sometimes, attempting to sort out them problem will save you from regretting it later. You’ll have the satisfaction that you did your bit to clear the problem.

You’ll definitely feel like a bigger person for having tried to clear things up in a mature way.

Franny Pamoukian is a senior at the University of Rochester double majoring in Business and Psychology with a minor in Studio Arts. A city girl at heart, she is an active blogger, fashionista and art enthusiast.
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