5 Reasons to Watch How To Get Away with Murder



"It's back?!" I replied upon comprehending my friend's subtle comment that How to Get Away With Murder's season 3 premiere would air that night (Thursday, September 22nd). 

Consumed by this newfound knowledge, I quickly knacked my brain for when I could watch the episode, if I had any conflicting priorities that night or the next day - pretty much anything that would interfere with me laying in bed watching the show as soon as possible. Luckily, after spending some time searching the web for any site that uplaoded the episode for free (and after I had a mini panic moment when I realized I no longer had a Hulu account), I remembered that my mom had an AT&T Uverse account I could use to watch it on ABC.com. 

HTGAWM is law/legal drama set from the viewpoint of the criminal defense lawyer and law professor, Annalise Keating, along with her assistants and a group of her students. It revolves around murder cases and legal issues with romance and thriller aspects mixed in. 

I was introduced to HTGAWM in a Psychology class I took where we discussed the concept of anti-heroes (a protagonist in a story who lacks conventional heroic attributes); Annalise Keating is an excellent example. Since then, I grew interest in the series, especially after it was so highly praised by my TA. At first, I wasn't hooked, but after the third episode, it was like falling in a vortex - I binged watched the rest of the series. Now, if you've seen it, you're in agreement and if you haven't, then you're wondering what's so great about this show. Well, here's my case to prove to you that HTGAWM is a show worth watching.


1. The WTF?! Did That Just Happen Factor

Plot-twists are in every corner, making the show more suspenseful, exciting, mysterious, and all-in-all amazing. You will constantly be asking yourself WTF?! Did That Just Happen?! But don't worry, it's always for the better of the story-line - not that people dying mysterious deaths or people getting away with crime is a good thing, but the show does a good job at making these cases entertaining. 


2. The Characters

What drives the murder cases and drama in this show are the characters; Each one has their own unique backstory, personality, and secrets. Their chemisty with each other is also realistic and impressive. Not to mention the intense romance aspect of this show; it definitely does not lack anything in that department. (*wink, wink) 


3. Shonda Rhimes

Produced by the brilliant creator of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, how could this show not be insanely great? 


4. Annalise Keating/ Viola Davis


Thanks to Viola Davis' superb acting, Annalise is portrayed like the boss she was meant to be. She is fierce and intimidating as hell. Bow down people because she kicks ass in the court room and in life in general. 


5. You Never Know What Will Happen

Predict all you want, but this show knows how to consistently surprise and awe their viewers. My friends and I always guess who's going to die or what's going to happen on the next episode, but anything can happen so it's really anyone's bet. 


Why You Should Watch HTGAWM? Case Closed.