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3 Reasons To Be An Independent Traveler

There's a certain beauty in traveling alone. Several times people think that it is strange to travel alone and that the trip won’t matter if it is not shared. People are frightened, really. But cultivating a sense of comfort and adventure with yourself can be a beautiful experience. Whether you are going a hundred miles away or thousands of miles away, when you explore and go out on your own, there is no doubt that you learn something new about yourself. You see your perfect imperfections, your flaws, the things you need to let go of, and the things you need to embrace more. A completely different experience than traveling with a companion or a group of friends. Traveling alone, you are able to meet people, take risks and mediate. It is something I encourage everyone to do at some point in their life. You learn to honor a scarce relationship- the one you have with yourself, which is the most important connection you can ever have. Here are other great reasons to travel solo:


1. You can make it affordable. A lot of times people think traveling is associated with pricey hotels and flights. But it is definitely doable to travel when you are on a budget. Pass out on those fancy hotels and hit up hostels and Airbnb. Pack light, eat where the locals eat, and plan out your daily finance ahead of time. The whole experience will be priceless anyway.



2. Improve your confidence and people skills.  You will almost be  forced to interact with people to ask questions which is a great way to learn how to engage with conversations with random people all over the world. In no time you will have enhanced social skills. The fact that you are brave enough to travel solo is a huge accomplishment in itself. You've traveled to far places alone, lived out of a backpack, partied without your usual friends. That is definitely something that will make you feel confident about yourself.


3. You should treat yourself. You are young, wild and free (lessons from Snoop Dogg). Be a little selfish while you can. When you travel alone, you can do whatever the heck you want so soak up the experience all at your own pace.



Franny Pamoukian is a senior at the University of Rochester double majoring in Business and Psychology with a minor in Studio Arts. A city girl at heart, she is an active blogger, fashionista and art enthusiast.
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