15 Yik Yaks That Perfectly Sum Up the End-of-Semester Struggle


1. When you say you'll do it tomorrow then forget about it for the rest of your life. 


2. When drunk you is more responsible than sober you.


3. When you've become so lazy you're buying chocolate online.  


4. When you devise a plan so that you never have to step foot outside. 


5. When you get snubbed by your dreams. Aww!


6. When you've completely given up on social interaction. 


7. This. 


8. When you're cheap but still have declining. 


9. When eating becomes a form of procrastination.


10. When you're more productive doing absolutely nothing. 


11. When you finish procrastinating early so it's time for bed. 


12. When you're screwed.


13. When you start to come up with a plan B.


14. When "Nexflix and chill?" becomes this.


15. When you realize you've got this!


Hang in there, guys, Thanksgiving Break is just 2 weeks away!