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10 Items Every Trendy Girl Needs This Winter to Stay Warm

It can be hard to look good when it’s cold out, especially during this Rochester winter.  Luckily we’ve compiled a list of things you should definitely invest in to remain trendy, yet toasty. 


1. A Neutral Colored Scarf



I don’t know about you guys, but the second thing I grab every day after my winter jacket is a scarf.  The wind here is brutal! Sometimes burying your head in a big, fluffy scarf is the only thing that can get me from point a to point b.  You want to make sure this isn’t a brightly colored scarf because it can clash with what you’re wearing.  Stick with black, white, gray, or beige!

2. Touch Screen Gloves

We’ve all been there, the wind is blowing and the snow is coming but you feel that vibrate in your pocket.  There’s no way you can respond to that text without taking off your gloves and exposing your hands to the harsh elements.  Luckily there’s a solution! These gloves are a lightwight glove with a special material on the index and thumb fingers that conduct heat, allowing you to use your phone while wearing them.  Perfect for the walk to class!

3. Waterproof Boots

Does this even need an explanation? If you don’t have a sturdy pair of waterproof boots yet, what are you doing living in Rochester?! I highly recommend bean boots because of their lifetime warranty and comfort, however there are many cheaper alternatives out there.  Pick your favorite! 

4. Fleece Lined Leggings

I would personally like to thank the inventor of fleece lined leggings for allowing me to show off my runners butt, yet still allowing me to be warm as hell.  Seriously, these things are a godsend.  They keep even the most frigid temperatures at bay.  I bought mine off Amazon for cheap, but many other places sell them as well!

5. Long Sleeve Layering Shirts

When I was writing this down I wasn’t totally sure what to call this type of shirt.  I stole a few from my dad’s closet and a wear them all the time.  They’re perfect for throwing over a t shirt right before you leave for class for that little extra bit of warmth.  Then when you get to class, sit down, and take off your jacket, you still have another layer on to protect you from the AC that is inevitably still on (I’m looking at you Hoyt. It’s been long enough!).

6. Leather Pants

I just invested in a pair of these and Oh. My. God. Seriously a game changer for bar parties.  Before this I was forced to either wear jeans, and be too underdressed, or a skirt, and suffer through the cold.  With these pants I can look fly as $#[email protected] and not have frostbite by the end of the night.  Plus, there’s the added bonus of catching this tred while it’s on it’s way up and having people complement you on your style (the highlight of my night). 

7. Wool Socks

I’m not talking about those cheap Target socks that cost you $2.00 for four pairs, I’m talking about a pair of really well made socks that could last you through a day of trekking through the snow.  One of the issues with living up here is that you don’t know when the weather is going to turn sour and hit you like a brick wall.  A good pair of socks could save your butt one day.  Toes are the first thing to go with frostbite, and socks that are able to wick sweat away and still keep you warm are worth their weight in gold.  

8. Knited Headband

(Yes that is Cara Delevingne, my eyebrow idol)Sometimes the weather calls for a hat, but you don’t want to mess up your hair.  It happens.  That’s when these babies come in handy! Just throw one on your head and you’re ready for that (hopefully quick) walk to class.  Especially for someone like me who has a lot of ear piercings, these are perfect.  The cold makes my earrings freeze, which in turn makes the area around my peircing feel like ice.  It’s actually very painful. A knitten headband like this can easily solve this issue!

9. Long Coat

I’m sure everyone already had a winter jacket (If you don’t you have a death wish), but one that’s a little longer than normal can be very beneficial.  It blocks the cold from reaching your legs and lets you walk around campus as if you don’t notice the biting wind.

10. Sunglasses

Ok I know this isn’t exactly something that keeps you warm, but they’re very useful to have! Sometimes while walking to class in the mornings the glare off the snow can be blinding.  Snow blindness is a real and very debilitating issue. Sunglasses will help keep you eyes safe!

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