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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at RIT chapter.

The title of this article pays homage to one of my favorite YouTube videos of all time- “Sassy Gay Friend.” I’m not crazy about some of the stereotypes the video portrayed, but there is a message in it that has resonated for years; that message is in fact the title of this article.



We all have them. Some of us suppress them more than others, some of us are open books, and some of us are a bit of an in between. I would like to say I’m the latter. If you know me, you would describe me as very sociable, a people person, and quite the open book. My friends have seen me during my finest “Virgo crises,” as I like to call them. However, there are some thoughts I do not wish to share with the world- which is totally OK!


How can we release our emotions?

My mama always told me if I am feeling angry or wanting to use negative words to write those thoughts down or scream in a pillow. The screaming in a pillow is VERY therapeutic every once in a while, but usually writing seems to be the choice that centers me most. There is something about those thoughts–whether they are happy, sad, confused, angry, or all at the same time–being written down and visible in front of me. It brings me a sense of calm–almost like the quiet breeze, sunshine, and free feeling in the air after a summer thunderstorm. The thoughts are no longer clouding my brain, and I can justify them once they’re on paper. I then feel centered again, and am ready to go back out into the world.


So, that’s the moral of this article. We all have our days. Journal entries don’t always have to be negative thoughts. There are even times when I write down something I’m feeling really good about, and don’t want to speak it into existence just yet! But, when we do have those dark, confusing thoughts that make us a ball of frustration–do it. Write a sad poem in your journal, and move on.


Hi! My name is Maggie Passamonte. I am from Long Island, NY. I have always enjoyed writing. I was the editor-in-chief of my school newspaper in high school. I absolutely loved it, and have been longing to find writing opportunities on campus. I was so thrilled when I was given the Her Campus opportunity. I am passionate about many topics such as music, politics, feminism, sorority life, philanthropy, sign language/Deaf culture (I am an ASL major!), the list goes on! I love being able to share my ideas and collaborate with my fellow peers. Happy reading!
Campus Coordinator for Rochester Institute of Technology