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With Love, An Independent Woman

I am an independent woman. I am strong. I am brave. I am driven. When I am asked to envision the person who has lifted me up from my lowest points, the first person I see is myself.

I have the strength, bravery, and drive to pick myself up from any situation–and I know that. I get my self-worth from within and know how to love myself.

I do not need a significant other to be those things for me. From the opinion of one independent woman, I do not have needs in a significant other, but I do have wants. 

I am independent but I still have wants.

I want someone to give me butterflies and take my breath away. I want someone to hold my hand as we stroll in the dark, not because I will feel scared but because I like the feeling of being close to the people I care about.

I want someone to make me laugh and smile when the world looks grey. I want someone to adventure with me. I want someone to be my equal. I want someone to want me. I am independent, but I still have wants. 

All of these wants aside, I am happy on my own. I can fulfill all of those wants myself, however I prefer not to. It is hard to find a balance in relationships without feeling smothered and under-appreciated. I wish I had some words of advice or answers, but I’m still figuring that out.

To the other independent people who identify with my feelings, keep supporting yourself because too many people do not know the peace of self love and fulfilling your own wants and desires. 

Jesse is a writer for Her Campus at RIT from Wall Township, NJ. She is a Physician Assistant BS/MS student. Jesse is passionate about all healthcare; including women's healthcare and global health. She previously served as the Chapter Representative for the Physician Assistant Student Association and as a Student Justice for the University Appeals Board at RIT. Jesse is currently the Secretary of the Global Health Association on campus and works for RIT Study Abroad in the social media department.
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